TALEGATE is named after one of the most popular story-telling spots, the tailgate. We tell tales in the same authentic way folks did at the Chuck Wagon with our fellow Texan Charles Goodnight nearly 150 years ago. Our firm was appropriately formed sitting on the back of a tailgate under the Texas stars with good company.
We have over 20 years of experience producing ads and videos with the goal of simplifying the most complex issues for the public. From President George W. Bush’s successful gubernatorial re-election and 2000 presidential bid to statewide races, healthcare providers, oil and gas companies, investment firms, automakers, museums, the travel industry, third party organizations and others, TALEGATE has successfully delivered messages to key audiences, educating, informing and persuading. We have worked with a variety of complex and divisive issues, including social security, taxes, health, and immigration.
TALEGATE’s political campaign experience has taught the importance of swift flexibility in an ever-changing media climate, as well as how to capture the attention of a distracted public by combining seasoned creative strategy with high-production value.
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